Concorde Sealed Lead Acid Aircraft Batteries

Concorde RG aircraft batteries offer numerous advantages, making them an exceptional choice for various applications in the aviation industry.

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One of the standout benefits is their reduced cost of ownership, making them a cost-effective solution for aircraft operators. Additionally, these batteries boast significantly less downtime since they do not require cycling, thanks to their remarkable charge retention, which is three times better than other aircraft batteries.

Moreover, RG batteries eliminate the need for water replenishment as the gases recombine within the battery, saving both time and effort for aircraft maintenance personnel. Their impressive cold weather performance ensures reliable functionality even in harsh temperatures at high altitudes.

Another remarkable aspect is that RG aircraft batteries can be shipped without any hazardous concerns, providing convenience and peace of mind for aircraft manufacturers and operators.

Finally, these batteries are 100% recyclable, promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness within the aviation industry, and contain no electrolytes, eliminating the risk of airframe corrosion damage and allowing them to be turned upside down without any adverse effects on aircraft systems.

close-up photo of a Concorde RG24-11M aircraft Battery

Concorde RG24-11M Aircraft Batteries: High Performance, Lithium Technology for Aviation Power

The RG24-11M is a high-performance aircraft battery designed specifically for Cessna, Mooney, and Piper aircraft models. As one of the top aircraft battery suppliers, we offer reliable and durable aviation batteries that cater to the unique power needs of these aircraft.

The RG24-11M is a FAA-approved, MIL-SPEC battery that provides exceptional performance and longevity. Engineered with advanced lithium-ion technology, this lightweight aircraft battery ensures efficient power delivery and extended service life. It is compatible with various Cessna, Mooney, and Piper models, making it an ideal choice for owners and operators seeking a dependable battery solution.

Trust our expertise as leading aircraft battery manufacturers and distributors to meet your aviation power system requirements, whether it's for aircraft battery replacements, maintenance, or upgrades.

detailed photo of a Concorde RG380E/60L airplane Battery

Lightweight Power for Lear Jet 60 and King Air: Introducing the Concorde RG380E/60L Aircraft Battery

Introducing the RG380E/60L, an unparalleled aircraft battery meticulously engineered to fulfill the power demands of Lear Jet 60 and King Air models. As a leading supplier of aircraft batteries, we specialize in delivering dependable and high-performance aviation power solutions tailored to the specific requirements of these aircraft.

The RG380E/60L stands as an FAA-approved, MIL-SPEC battery renowned for its exceptional performance and remarkable longevity. Powered by advanced lithium-ion technology, this lightweight aircraft battery guarantees efficient power delivery and an extended lifespan. Whether you seek a battery replacement or an upgrade for your Lear Jet 60 or King Air, our expertise as aircraft battery manufacturers and distributors ensures a trustworthy solution.

Rely on us to provide you with top-tier aviation batteries that adhere to the rigorous standards of your Lear Jet 60 or King Air, ensuring optimal performance and unwavering reliability on every flight.

photo of a Concorde RG390E aviation Battery

Concorde RG390E Aircraft Batteries: Reliable Lead Acid Power for Aviation Applications

The RG390E is a high-quality aircraft battery exclusively designed for the Hawker 800XP, 800, and 600A models. As a trusted supplier of aircraft batteries, we offer reliable and durable aviation power solutions that cater to the unique power requirements of these aircraft.

The RG390E is an FAA-approved, MIL-SPEC battery that ensures exceptional performance and reliability. With its advanced technology and superior construction, this sealed lead-acid aircraft battery guarantees optimal power output and an extended service life. Whether you require a battery replacement or a new power system for your Hawker 800XP, 800, or 600A, our expertise as aircraft battery manufacturers and distributors guarantees a dependable solution that meets the rigorous demands of your aircraft.

Count on us to deliver the highest quality aviation batteries tailored to your specific needs.

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